Webinar: The Future of Making Things: What You Need to Know
The manufacturing landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by the needs of ever more demanding customers and changes in the way products are manufactured and consumed.

As competitive pressure mounts, companies need to re-think their approach to innovation and transform the way they do business.

In this webinar we will discuss:
  • The challenges facing manufacturers and how they necessitate a next-generation approach to design, engineering and manufacturing for product development.
  • How design methodologies, such as generative design and advanced materials for additive manufacturing, are allowing best-in-class companies stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment.

About the Speaker:

Stephen Hooper is a senior director of manufacturing strategy for Autodesk. Hooper is an experienced senior leader with 20 years of manufacturing history. He has worked for companies ranging from suppliers of industrial machinery to a software vendor of market-leading technology. He is experienced at every stage of the product development, marketing and sales process, from end user to software vendor. He relishes the challenge of performing in a fast-moving, growth-oriented environment, targeted at servicing the needs of high-profile customers and partners.

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