What is Your Civil/Structural Engineering Software Doing and How Can You Get it to Do More? [On-Demand Webinar]
A big criticism of Civil/Structural design software is the lack of transparency in the checks these programs perform. Checks are "black boxes." Sure, you get a pass/fail result, but what does this really mean? What formulas or methods is the software using to derive the result? How can you verify the check?

And, what happens if your engineering judgment is different from what the software provides? Or, you need a check that your software doesn't support?

Join us to learn about a game changing, Open Check technology that is allowing engineers to:
  • See exactly what formulas and methods are being used to derive a check
  • Easily script custom checks to extend their 3D FEA workflow.
  • Consolidate the number of engineering programs firms have to use.

The webinar is sponsored by Nemetschek Scia and free for ENGINEERING.com members.

Ben Follett, PE is a Structural Engineering Consultant with Nemetschek Scia where he helps engineering firms streamline and integrate their 3D engineering workflows. Prior to his work in the software industry, Ben was a Structural Associate with Michael Baker Corporation, an Engineering News Record top 50 AE firm.