Webinar - Using Make: Projects to Engage Students & Document Their Project Process
Make: Community and Engineering.com have recently debuted a new system, Make: Projects, to help makers document and share their creative or team-based projects. Make:Projects, is a collaboration platform that brings together makers, engineers, inventors, and doers to develop their passions or solve our society's most persistent challenges.

The messy process of making is at the heart of Make:Projects. It balances being a private space to tinker and organize an idea with close friends, paired with a public forum to showcase work and get feedback. The platform was created to make it easier for individuals, educators, or communities to share the documentation of projects throughout the life of a project.

If you are an individual, the system allows for posting rich media (photos, videos, audio recordings) and sharing which makes communication with a community and receiving feedback easy. As an educator, Make:Projects lends itself to tracking and grading team-based projects. Communities can use the platform for posting of science projects, presentation, and grading of submissions.

Watch this webinar and hear the inspiration behind the Make:Projects platform and see a brief demonstration of the platform, including:

  • Reviewing the basics of setting up a project
  • Documenting the project over time
  • How to use the platform to receive feedback and guidance by experts
  • How to use one of the pre-programmed project templates to accelerate your work

The webinar will conclude with reflection on the future of project documentation and collaboration in maker education.

About the Speakers:
Lauren Baldesarra - CCO of engineering.com and Co-Founder of ProjectBoard, the infrastructure that powers Make: Projects. Prior to her current role, Lauren spent over 6 years as a Walt Disney Imagineer in LA, working on projects including Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Attraction, and EPCOT Master Planning. She also founded Disney's Moonshot initiative. Lauren is passionate about applying her skills to build a great online experience for people to share and advance projects they care about. She has a BFA in Communications Design from Syracuse University.

Jon Semkiw - VP of Operations at engineering.com, holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is a tinkerer. His engineering background includes product design experience across various industries including consumer electronics, commercial vehicles and communication equipment.

Matthew Wettergreen - Director of the Global Medical Innovation Master’s Program in Bioengineering and an Associate Teaching Professor at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen at Rice University where he teaches engineering design and prototyping.

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by ProjectBoard.