Live Webinar - Improving AI & Advanced Analytics with Outlier Detection - Aug 6, 2PM ET
What can industrial applications of artificial intelligence (AI) offer your organization? More than you might think.

Industrial AI can help your organization:

  • Explain and avoid unexpected shutdowns / downtime of expensive equipment
  • Lower operational costs and improve efficiency by optimizing performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality

Technology such as the internet of things (IoT), industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, and edge computing yield data from real-time telemetry and other sources at an impressive scale, offering many untapped practical applications. Less costly, more flexible sensor deployments – whether within a factory, a fleet of assets, or other industrial environment – make it possible to leverage the full power and potential of advanced industrial AI technology.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how high-dimensional outlier analysis makes it possible to extract outliers from operational data. Plus, we present real-life examples of how organizations are reaping the benefits of AI technology without the need to invest in costly and specialized data science skills.

You will learn about:

  • The value of your data, and how to tap into it efficiently
  • The power and potential of deep learning and advanced analytics
  • How to leverage IIoT and AI easily, without specialized expertise

Industrial AI gives subject matter experts the tools to uncover nuggets hidden in real-time data and turn them into visible and actionable information gold.

Join us to learn more about what industrial AI has to offer and how you can benefit from powerful deep learning and advanced analytics tools.

About the Speakers:
Remi Duquette, Vice-President - Industrial AI & Datacenter Clarity LC at MAYA HTT. Remi plays a key role in developing Maya HTT’s engineering, lifecycle management, and IoT/AI product strategy and innovation. Having been involved with Maya HTT clients for 19 years, Remi now heads the applied and industrial artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and Datacenter Clarity LC global business and R&D directions.

When it comes to mission-critical, Remi delivers. From his achievement as a young short-track speed skating champion to his instrumental contribution in the structural design and analysis of five space craft currently in orbit, Remi’s experience is an asset for success.

Following his Honours degree in Engineering, Remi went on to complete his M.A.Sc. in Aerospace Studies. He then attended the International Space University.

Warren Baird, Cloud Product Manager at MAYA HTT. Warren started his career as a software developer working on scientific visualization tools for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). He has worked on a wide variety of projects, from CAD visualization to cryptographic self-sovereign identity solutions, to client-side UI development frameworks. Warren joined Maya HTT in early 2019 as a product manager, leading the charge on all things cloud-related. He oversees projects ranging from industrial- or manufacturing-focused AI and ML, simulation on the cloud, and ECAD/MCAD collaboration.

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