Webinar - BIM 360: The Ultimate in Document Management and Collaboration
Join Sunny Watts, a Senior BIM Engineer at U.S. CAD, to explore the ease and functionality for collaborating between multiple disciplines and trades all within the BIM 360 Platform.

During this expert-led webinar, you will learn:

  • Introduction to BIM 360 Document Management
  • Overview of Revit cloud sharing and design collaboration workflows
  • Viewing and sharing information with markups and issues
  • Reviewing and tracking construction documents
  • Utilizing BIM 360 for additional documentation

About the Speaker:
Sunny Watts, a Senior BIM Engineer at U.S. CAD, found her passion for design and technology while pursuing her degree in Interior Design at LDS Business College. After graduation, she joined an Electrical Engineering company with an emphasis upon project design and production services that fully utilized BIM. After a successful design career, Sunny transitioned into the Construction Industry where she quickly became a “heavy lifter” within the VDC department of an Electrical Design/Build Subcontractor. Beyond Sunny’s professional contributions and BIM expertise within the design and construction industries, she is an educator who taught English in Taiwan.

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by U.S. CAD.