Live Webinar - Application-Based Decisions for 3D Printing that Save You Time & Money - Jun 23, 2PM ET
With so many accurate, well-established 3D printing options for prototyping and production, which do you choose for your project to ensure both a good product and good margins?

In this webinar, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Product Manager Maricarmen Senosiain speaks to maximizing the functionality of your product and reducing the hit to your budget.

We’ll walk through how to:

  • Navigate all of the major 3D printing options on the market
  • Prioritize your technology selection based on project needs like functionality, aesthetics, and environment
  • Implement cost saving strategies without sacrificing performance
  • Keep your project on-time and on-budget

About the Speaker:
Maricarmen Senosiain, Product Manager at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

PDH Certificates will be provided to all registrants who attend the full live webinar. Certificates will be sent by email within 48 hours after completion.

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