Webinar - Get Up to Speed with CAD: Capabilities, Trends, and How to Put It All To Work
This popular 2 hour event returns for a third year. Put on your headphones, and let eight industry-tested experts show you what’s new in CAD and how to make the most of what you have. PTC has put half a billion dollars into CAD in the past 18 months.

Hear about: Creo roadmap, additive manufacturing, MBD, generative design, simulation and updates to Creo 7.0.

Speaker 1: Brian Thompson, Divisional General Manager, CAD, PTC

Speaker 2: Paul Sagar, Vice President of CAD, Product Management, PTC

Speaker 3: Linda Lokay, Vice President, CAD Product Management, PTC & Mark Fischer, Senior Director, CAD Product Management, PTC

Speaker 4: Celia Lee, Senior Director, Technical Product Manager, PTC & Todd Kraft, CAD Product Manager, PTC

Speaker 5: Martin Neumueller, Senior Director, CAD Product Management, PTC

Speaker 6: Michel Fridman, CAD Product Manager, PTC

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by PTC.