Webinar - Requirements Management to Address Key Shortcomings during Bid & Tender
Join the discussion about Energy and Process industry use cases for Polarion. Learn how these use cases have evolved over time to encompass requirements management, particularly for complex supply chain ecosystems. Managing the complex supply chain ecosystem has been a challenge for many years on either side of the fence.

Bulky specification documents and long rambling requirements paragraphs do not lend themselves well to clear and concise contractual statements. We are positioning Polarion Requirements Management to address key shortcomings in the way businesses interact during the Bid and Tender phase of engagement.

This webinar will cover how we leverage the data-centric approach of Polarion to effectively manage document reviews, subject matter expert feedback, internal decision-making, and external engagement with customers and/or vendors. Many out-of-the-box features of Polarion such as workflow, Live Reports, and custom fields may be easily configured to increase the agility of organizations to respond to tight tender timelines. The traceability and built-in comparisons can provide further insight for use cases around repeat business and standardized requirements.

About the Speakers:
Chelsea Kaplun brings with her industry experience with Oil & Gas working with subsea equipment engineering and design for production systems. Her roles spanned across product lines from R&D, aftermarket, and manufacturing facilities; through to executing system level projects; and on to process optimizations for optimal subsea system project execution. Now at Siemens, Chelsea supports in integrating solutions across the Siemens portfolio to our customer's project optimization efforts within the Energy industry.

Ed Leggott is a Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Consultant. He brings 10 years of Systems Engineering experience from Aerospace and Oil & Gas, two industries with a vastly different digital maturity baseline. His roles have included flight systems engineering, weapon systems engineering, configuration management, and then into subsea systems engineering, process improvements and engineering management. Now at Siemens, Ed supports a large Energy owner/operator account as a full-time industry presales contact, operating within a multi-year digital partnership agreement to support their digitalization vision through the entire Siemens portfolio.

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by Siemens.