Webinar - How Virtual Prototyping is Key to Certify EVs - with an embedded Battery
Simulation today is used by automotive engineering teams to design lightweight vehicle bodies fulfilling vehicle safety regulations. Legislation is rapidly evolving to accommodate the growing electrical vehicle market share and is considering additional battery safety requirements. The focus is on avoiding internal short circuit due to internal damage within a cell which may result in a fire hazard.

Assessing short circuit risk in CAE at the vehicle level is complex as there involves phenomena at different scales. The vehicle deforms on a macroscale level during the impact event. The battery cells deform locally and damage extremely thin components such as the separator, generating short circuits at the meso scale level. It is therefore necessary to evaluate phenomena at multi-scale level.

Watch our webinar to assess virtually and efficiently short circuit risk in full vehicle crash scenarios based on physical – non empirical - values. Ultimately allowing you to evaluate and control the risk assessment of battery fire during a car crash event.

Key Topics:

  • Virtual prediction of short circuit in multi-scale full vehicle crash scenarios
  • Meeting all safety and lightweight requirements
  • The state-of-the art of EV crash simulation
  • Increase safety margins in the vehicle design process

About the Speakers:
Alain Trameçon is the Solution Manager for ESI Group for fluid structure interaction in Virtual Performance Solution and has more than 30 years of experience in numerical simulation at ESI. Previously leading Advanced Consulting, Alain has experience in the technical support of customers. Alain graduated in 1988 from Central Supelec.

Alexandre Dumon is currently in charge of Lightweight Materials Projects for ESI Group's Virtual Performance Solution. After joining ESI Group in 2014, Alexandre was based in the Shanghai Office where he led the innovation center for light-weighting CAE projects for international automotive OEMs. Previously, Alexandre graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and obtained a Masters of Materials Science and Engineering from the Tsinghua University in China.

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by ESI Group.