Webinar - Accelerate your Digital Transformation: Build Apps Quickly to Consolidate, Monitor and Analyze your Data and Processes
Engineering and manufacturing thought leaders are revisiting the current landscape and developing digital roadmaps for the short, medium, and long term. The current state of the economy further highlights the importance of going digital.

Hear about digital transformation opportunities, and why firms are adopting a digitalization strategy.

Learn how to:
  • Define the digital roadmap for your engineering and manufacturing applications
  • Identify the sources of your data and how you can access them
  • Turn data into information and put it into action using:
      • IoT platforms, such as Siemens MindSphere
      • No-code/low-code applications developed with Mendix
      • Application building blocks
      • Analytics and AI algorithms

Our experts will discuss and present user scenarios, sample applications, and real examples of projects that have helped organizations in different vertical industries. Find out how you can:

  • Track attributes like flow, pressure, temperature, and power with remote access to web dashboards
  • Monitor, manage, and maintain your plant floor equipment
  • Connect disparate systems of record to streamline your shop-floor manufacturing process
  • Anticipate and correct sources of failure in your manufacturing and operations using outlier detection and deep learning techniques

About the Speakers:
Remi Duquette, Vice-President - Industrial AI & Datacenter Clarity LC at MAYA HTT. Remi plays a key role in developing Maya HTT’s engineering, lifecycle management, and IoT/AI product strategy and innovation. Having been involved with Maya HTT clients for 19 years, Remi now heads the applied and industrial artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and Datacenter Clarity LC global business and R&D directions.

When it comes to mission-critical, Remi delivers. From his achievement as a young short-track speed skating champion to his instrumental contribution in the structural design and analysis of five space craft currently in orbit, Remi’s experience is an asset for success.

Following his Honours degree in Engineering, Remi went on to complete his M.A.Sc. in Aerospace Studies. He then attended the International Space University.

Chris Blake, Director of New Product Development at MAYA HTT. Chris has been with Maya HTT for 12 years. First, as an Application Engineer and then as Manager of Engineering Services, Chris helped clients from a variety of industries – aerospace, automotive, high-tech electronics, AEC/HVAC – define their simulation requirements and perform thermal/CFD analyses to optimize their designs. As a Senior Solutions Architect, Chris managed large custom-software developments and PLM deployment projects, helping companies become more efficient and effective.

Now, as Director of New Product Development, Chris explores new technologies, such as building information modeling, cloud-based simulation, and AI/machine learning, evaluating technological readiness, go-to-market strategy and industry applicability.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Design Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He completed his thesis on satellite formation flying and control. Chris is also an alumnus of the International Space University.

To watch, please complete the form on this page. This webinar is sponsored by Maya HTT.