Webinar - Leveraging Advanced Semiconductor Packaging for Faster Time to Market
The semiconductor device industry is undergoing a revolution driven by the demands of new and emerging markets. New technological innovations are expanding opportunities to deliver high value, differentiated and intelligent connected products, but the increasing pace of change and need for the next big thing have significantly shortened windows of opportunity for marketplace success. The simultaneous demands for increased functionality and denser designs is dramatically increasing the need for some form of advanced semiconductor packaging in most of today’s complex products.

A common theme across today’s advanced semiconductor packages is that they all present some unique challenge to traditional design tools and methodologies. Many of today’s packages incorporate some element of multiple substrates or multiple devices to deliver solutions for system scaling. While size and scale may vary across the various packaging technologies there are challenges at both ends of the spectrum. Companies agree that digital transformation utilizing modern best-in-class tools along with processes that support continuous collaboration across domains are required to meet the quality, reliability and time to market requirements of today’s advanced semiconductor packages.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss the need for an optimized, correct by construction, collaborative process during semiconductor device package design to ensure faster time to market. Key topics include:

  • State of the semiconductor device industry
  • Discussion of advanced packaging opportunities and challenges
  • Need for ECAD-MCAD collaboration during semiconductor package development
  • Demonstration of multi-domain design (ECAD, MCAD, and thermal analysis) for advanced semiconductor package development

About the Speakers:
Andy Farrington is a Portfolio Development Director for Siemens Digital Industries Software. He is an experienced sales professional with a strong understanding of Computer-Aided Design, Engineering and PCB Manufacturing. When he isn’t working with clients to develop their digital twins, he spends his time trying not to become the worst golfer in the Northeast. You can reach him at andy.farrington@siemens.com or on LinkedIn.

Gary Gorman is a Solutions Consultant for Siemens Digital Industries Software. He has worked in the CAD industry for over thirty years. Starting out in tooling design, then moving into CAD support roles in the aerospace and high-tech industries. Now at Siemens Digital Industries for the past 13 years, his role is to help customers harness the power of the ECAD-MCAD collaboration tools provided by Siemens.

Craig Armenti is a Solution Manager, for Siemens Digital Industries Software, with over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. Prior to joining Siemens, Craig held management, technical marketing and application engineering positions at several major telecommunication and software companies including Mentor Graphics, Zuken, BlackBerry, Motorola and AT&T Bell Labs.

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