Webinar - Address Key Manufacturing and Maintenance Targets with Human-Centric Product & Process Validation
Needing to further improve on-time delivery and assure maximum in-service uptime, deliver quality repeatably and keep your technicians and operators safe, while ensuring product profitability? Conventional engineering design for assembly and design for service reviews, with the limitations common to digital model viewing, still result in unanticipated and costly engineering changes—often to aspects of design we are not able to inspect or understand without interacting with the products in production or service context well after design freeze. Waiting, until construction of production tooling and fabrication of pre-production parts, leaves little time to mitigate or eliminate risks.

By collaborating in "immersive design reviews", engineering teams can experience the full scope of the new product development and evaluate the human-centric process interactions. Thereby recognizing potential assembly or maintenance risks that may arise, then adjust the design as required to prevent issues from emerging during production.

In this webinar, we will discuss how Virtual Reality helps engineering teams make better informed decisions early and ultimately realize significant reductions in costly late engineering change orders.

Key topics:
  • Achieve lead time, cost, and downtime reduction targets of your product development with virtual prototyping
  • How Human-Centric Validation enables you to evaluate design concepts to identify, resolve, and mitigate issues
  • Enable collaboration between globally distributed team members & suppliers for optimal cross-functional team performance

About the Speaker:
Eric Kam is the Marketing and Alliances Director, Manufacturing Business Channel with ESI-Group. He supports Extended Reality solutions for Product Engineering/Integration, Virtual Build & Maintenance. A digital transformation advocate, he seeks to democratize simulation technologies in CAE, FEA, and CAD. Eric is a longtime member-leader of SME technical communities, with a BSME from Michigan Tech.

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