Webinar - How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Product Development
Cloud and mobile technologies are transforming the way products are developed and enabling teams to work together more efficiently.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how and why forward-thinking companies are switching to SaaS product development tools to further their digital transformation strategy and how knowing the difference between cloud-native and cloud-enabled is fundamental to the future of your business.

About the Speaker:
Mike LaFleche, a.k.a. “The Professor,” is a Technical Services Engineer at Onshape. A fixture in the 3D CAD community, Mike previously worked for multiple SOLIDWORKS Value Added Resellers in training and sales. He has also worked for companies in the "real world" in mechanical and electrical design positions utilizing a myriad of CAD systems. In his spare time, Mike enjoys live music, searching for natural waterfalls (versus the artificial ones), visiting historic industrial locations and playing the Doumbek, a Middle-Eastern drum.

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