Live Webinar - Fast & Functional - How a leading product development company saves time, money & tedium with Creo Simulation Live - Feb 4, 10AM ET
“We didn’t even realize we had a problem…” Steelcase, a $3B supplier of office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions, wasn’t making good use of simulation. Then they began using Creo Simulation Live (CSL).

Real-time simulation became part of their engineers’ everyday workflow and an over-dependence on their analysts became a thing of the past. All without the need for anyone to learn new software.

In this webinar, Steelcase’s Michael Kron, Process Analyst, tells you why CSL has opened up opportunities for design engineers.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
  • How CSL has shaped their design engineer’s approach to their work and helped them design better products on their own terms
  • The benefits of real-time simulation in the modeling environment
  • The surprisingly hum-drum obstacles to software implementation and how to get around them

About the Speakers:
Michael Kron, Business Function Process Analyst at Steelcase

Gavin Quinlin, Vice President at PTC, currently manages a global team responsible for sales and distribution of a new product through both our direct and partner go-to-market channels. In a previous role, responsible for the design, development and execution of sales programs, which drove multi-million dollar incremental sales. Experienced in channel partner sales, marketing and operations and understand the business from both sides - OEM and partner. Previously served as CEO at one of PTC's leading channel partner companies in the UK and Ireland. Provided Product Development Solutions to Irish and UK based companies, including CAD, CAE, product design, PDM, PLM and engineering calculation, and collaboration solutions.

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