Research Report - Do Engineers Need On-Demand Manufacturing for Additive and Subtractive Processes?
Manufacturing professionals are beginning to explore digital manufacturing technologies in their efforts to reduce cost and improve quality and efficiency of parts and processes. Additive manufacturing is one digital technology which is changing the way we think about the design and life-cycle of manufactured parts.

On-demand manufacturing, powered by digital files and the Internet, is one way to explore the capabilities of AM without risk. On-demand manufacturing, including AM and other manufacturing processes, also allows manufacturers—especially small- and medium-sized shops—to respond flexibly to customer needs.

To determine the value in this technology, undertook a survey of 220 manufacturing professionals. We asked respondents about how they use AM and on-demand manufacturing, including information about:

  • Most common AM materials and processes
  • Why companies turn to external services for on-demand manufacturing
  • Production volumes from prototyping to mass customization
  • Which industries use AM and on-demand manufacturing the most

This report provides insight into the adoption and level of interest in AM and on-demand production as emerging digital manufacturing technologies.

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