Research Report – Technology and Innovation in Today’s AEC Community
In this AEC technology survey, we measured the acceptance of technology by structural engineers, architects, civil engineering professionals, designers and people working in the construction and building trades.

New technology is upending the AEC community. It enables things to be accomplished that were not previously possible or which took inordinate amounts of time. These new technologies are making things easier.

However, it still remains to be seen which technologies are being used most widely, where they’re being applied and how dramatically they’re improving productivity.

In this research report you will learn:
  • What technologies are reshaping the AEC industry, such as BIM, 3D modeling, cloud storage and more
  • How users are integrating emerging technologies into their product development workflows
  • What AEC technologies you should consider for augmenting your production workflow, and what technologies can wait until they become more mature

This Research Report is sponsored by U.S. CAD. To download, please complete the form on this page.

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