Research Report - Test and Simulation Survey
We at continually hear how engineers and designers will be doing simulation, such as FEA and CFD, and that they will be doing it early in the design cycle. Is this wishful thinking?

We found out what it is really like in industry. How much does the engineering community actually embrace simulation? Do they practice simulation often, not so much – or do they avoid it?

Download our Test and Simulation Survey report to get the real story.
  • How well are engineers using simulation today?
  • How equipped are organizations to support testing and simulation?
  • How do engineers conduct simulations and validate their results?
  • What type of simulation do engineers perform?
  • What are engineers looking forward to simulating?

About the Author:

Roopinder Tara is Director of Content for He has been about design and simulation his entire professional life as an engineer, CAD manager, professor and publisher. He has written numerous articles. He has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (Drexel University), a master’s in engineering science (Penn State) and has been a certified professional engineer. He can be reached via email at

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