eBook: Green light on lidar - Developing low cost systems for autonomous vehicles
Lidar has been around for quite some time, but to date, it’s been custom—and expensive. Right now, there isn’t a clear-cut solution that’s suitable for all applications, such as lidar in autonomous vehicles. As they explore options, optical and mechanical engineers are forced to make choices and tradeoffs during the design process including including range, resolution, speed, performance in different conditions, safety, and cost. Virtual prototyping can play a key role in helping to identify design solutions and manage these tradeoffs.

In this eBook you will learn:
  • What lidar is and how it’s currently being used
  • Challenges in developing lidar for autonomous vehicles
  • Determine the benefits of improved optical product design software
  • How virtual prototyping can help designers get to lower-cost lidar for autonomous vehicles faster

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