eBook: A manager’s four-step guide to buying optical product design and simulation software
When it comes to choosing optical product design and simulation software for your team, don’t compromise performance with software that isn’t comprehensive enough to meet your needs. It goes without saying that optical product design and simulation solutions must offer accurate tolerancing and optimization tools for optical design and mechanical packaging—as well as a modern user interface with a complete API. More than that, it must accelerate design validation to maximize the productivity of your engineers. Finally, beyond the technical capabilities of the software itself, it’s critical to choose a solution partner that offers valuable training and ongoing support to help drive your innovation and go-to-market efforts. Your technical reputation depends on it.

In this eBook you will learn the four recommended steps to buying optical design and simulation software:
  • Determine your primary business goals
  • Apply the 3 productivity requirements:
    • The software must maximize the productivity of your engineers
    • The software must accelerate design validation
    • The software must be coupled with specialized training and support
  • Determine the benefits of improved optical product design software
  • Compare and evaluate optical product design software

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