White Paper: Design Guide for Metal 3D Printing
With metal 3D printing adoption on the rise, it's critically important for engineers to learn how to specifically design for the process. By not understanding the guiding principles and limitations of a technology, it could lead to undesirable results including non-functioning parts, wasted time and money.

This reference guide walks you through the key design considerations of metal 3D printing to help you successfully optimize parts printed on the Markforged Metal X 3D printer. Leveraging the bound metal extrusion printing process, metal powder bound together in waxy polymers is delivered in filament format and extruded through nozzles, similar to FFF printing.

Download the Markforged metal design guide to help you:

  • Strategize how to optimize your designs for metal 3D printing
  • Learn best practices and strategies for washing and sintering
  • Understand metal selection and post-processing options

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