Webinar: Intelligent Remote Monitoring: Capturing Deeper Analytics
Remote monitoring is the backbone of smart manufacturing initiatives. It enables access to the most up-to-the-minute data available—and a new generation of tools are helping turn that data into deeper, more robust analytics than ever thought possible. Going beyond just data connectivity, the most valuable remote monitoring adds intelligence to help adjust, update and inform decision-makers and plant-wide ecosystems.

Watch this webinar with remote monitoring and analytics experts Ed Cuoco, VP Analytics at PTC, and Les Yeamans, Founder and Executive Editor of RTInsights, for this in-depth analysis of the next-gen digital tools and platforms that are providing industry leaders with deeper analytics through remote monitoring. They’ll look at the ways that remote monitoring is transforming business models by putting analytics front and center of all processes—from customer interactions to internal operations to profitability.
About the Speakers:

Les Yeamans is the Founder and Executive Editor – RTInsights - an independent, expert-driven clearinghouse for thought leadership, analysis and news for CxOs, operations executives and other IT professionals to advance the field of real-time insights and to help advance this massive digital transformation and innovation we are seeing around us, across many sectors.

Ed Cuoco is the Vice President of Analytics at PTC.

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