Case Study – Rize 3D Printing Digitally Transforms the Customer and User Experience at HMS Industries, Inc.
HMS Industries, Inc., manufacturer of custom metal stamping and industrial tooling, provides high-quality manufacturing services, including product and prototype development, EDM, tool design, tool and die manufacturing, as well as high-volume stampings and CNC machining,to manufacturers across all industries.

Priding themselves on their strict quality control standards, HMS sought a faster and more affordable way than using aluminum to produce strong jigs and fixtures that would effectively secure parts during production to ensure the parts they manufacture are consistent.

To accomplish this goal, HMS Industries turned to Rize to integrate an industrial 3D printing solution into their production scheme.

In this Case Study, you’ll learn:
  • Why HMS Industries selected Rize 3D printing solution over other competitors.
  • How Rize’s One 3D printer made jig and fixture components more affordable and easier to produce.
  • Why you should consider Rize as a solution for the production of vital manufacturing components.

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