Case Study: Transforming Productivity for Distributed, Agile Manufacturing Enterprises with the FabPro 1000
Product development in most companies requires a sequential iterative process to come up with the right product. It can be time-consuming and time is a resource that is in the shortest supply.

The modern agile manufacturer is now using 3D printing technology to take advantage of market shifts and narrow windows of opportunity. 3D printing enables very fast prototyping of parts for the product development process. It also transforms how manufacturers make end-use products: with less reliance on a centralized factory, turning instead to distributed manufacturing points that produce end-use parts locally.

To that end, 3D Systems offers the FabPro 1000, an entry level industrial 3D printer that can rapidly deliver production-grade parts. In this case study, you’ll learn about the asset that a FabPro can bring to your operation, including:
  • What materials are available for the FabPro 1000.
  • How the FabPro 1000 performs when stacked up with similar 3D printers.
  • How ease-of-use can transform the accessibility and productivity of a 3D printer.

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