White Paper: Two-Tier ERP – A Strategy for Today’s Manufacturers?
Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape is mature, with most companies having implemented some level of ERP solution. However, many larger companies still find themselves in a situation where their existing solution cannot deliver on all the business requirements across its group of companies.

While this situation isn’t something that was planned for, it may arise for many reasons and can require a rethinking of your ERP strategy. But where should you start?

In this white paper, the common conditions that would lead a company to reconsider their ERP strategy are addressed, as well as the reasons why a two-tier ERP strategy might be the best solution to create greater efficiency in your ERP solution.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn:
  • Why you should consider a two-tier ERP solution.
  • About the benefits and downsides of a two-tier ERP solution.
  • About the best approach for adopting a two-tier ERP solution, and the lessons others have learned while adopting a two-tier approach.

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