White Paper – Preventing Thermal Damage of Electronics with Simulation
As electronic systems become ever smaller and more powerful, the thermal energy released by their components increases. This is especially true for RF testing equipment, where CPUs, controller chips and hard drives are packed into the smallest footprint possible.

QRC Technologies, based in Washington, D.C., knows all about this problem, and has found a solution that trims design time and cuts down on prototyping costs.

That solution is simulation.

In this white paper, QRC engineer David McCall takes you through a design challenge that his team faced and shows you exactly why thermal simulation can be a powerful design tool for RF testing engineers and, more broadly, engineers of all stripes.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn:
  • Why IR testing is important for electronic design.
  • How simulation can prevent thermal buildup and product malfunction using simulation.
  • What software can aid in thermal simulation.

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