eBook – Prototyping and Manufacturing Services to Help Satisfy Modern Market Expectations
Design and manufacturing expectations keep escalating. There’s a heightened consumer desire for variety, customization, automation and technological innovation. Manufacturers across all industries want parts that are more durable, lighter-weight and cost-efficient. What’s more, deadlines are being compressed from months to weeks, or even days.

So, how can you keep up?

Fortunately, 3D printing is addressing these challenges by shortening the prototyping process, stimulating new design innovation and giving designers and manufacturers the ability to experiment with new product development processes before committing on large production costs. Plus, all of this can be done via outsourcing.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:
  • The advantages of 3D printing outsourcing for prototyping and design iteration.
  • About the materials and manufacturing techniques that are available for 3D printing prototyping.
  • The type of lead times you can expect from a outsourced 3D printing prototype project.

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