Research Report: Why Can’t We All Get Along? Rules for Cooperative Electrical and Mechanical Product
Cooperation and collaboration between mechanical and electrical designers are absolute necessities for developing innovative electromechanical products. But why and how do some teams succeed at achieving this while others fail? Why do some multi-discipline teams get along and prosper while others struggle just to get the job done? Successful multi-discipline teams have the right electromechanical product development mindset and follow some basic rules that help ensure their success.

In this research report, relies on responses from design teams who have integrated their ECAD and MCAD team to determine which practices work best for team and product design success.

In this research report, you’ll learn:
  • The best methods for facilitating communication between design teams.
  • Common problems that design team realize before successful integration.
  • The best software solutions for unifying ECAD and MCAD teams.

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