Research Report: How a Digital Twin of Your Product Can Drive New Revenue Streams
The wave of digital twins has arrived, but some still wonder what the digital twin is, and how it can benefit their company.

While there is optimism about the digital twin business paradigm, there are also many concerns about the technology including security, technological readiness, and whether cutting edge opportunities like augmented and virtual reality product integration are appropriate for a product category.

There are great opportunities to create new revenue streams with digital twins, but a business needs to make sure they align with the needs of the organization. In this research report, you’ll learn why many industries are looking to the digital twin model as a way to increase profitability, develop new products and extend the viability of current productions through deep insight and innovation. Other insights you will learn include:

  • What the digital twin is and its current applications.
  • How a digital twin can create additional value for your products.
  • Whether a digital twin is good fit for your business.

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