Research Report: Design Teams: Requirements Management & Product Complexity
In late 2018, surveyed 246 design and engineering professionals to ask them about the growing complexity of their company’s products and how increasingly complex product requirements are being managed.

An overwhelming portion (92%) reported their products increased in complexity over the last five years. Leading causes were mechanical designs becoming more intricate, more electronics and new materials.

Despite the increasing complexity, only 15 percent of respondents relied on a dedicated requirements management system. This may have led to the following outcomes:
  • Production outcome failures (83%)
  • Reprimands by a regulatory agency (62%)
  • A minority reporting they feel they effectively manage requirements (34%)

In this research report, you’ll get to see all of the ways in which products are becoming more complex, how they’re regulated, and what that means for product outcomes as it relates to requirement management systems.

The data supporting these findings in presented in charts and graphics in this 23-page report.

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