White Paper: How 3D Scanning Speeds Up Reverse Engineering
E3D scanning is experiencing rapid advancement and adoption, extending beyond metrology applications and into product development, digital museum archiving and more. In particular, using 3D scanning for reverse engineering is changing the way that products are designed, giving designers the ability to scan real world objects, modify and manipulate them, and then reproduce them using modern manufacturing technologies.

Given the increased adoption of 3D scanning for reverse engineering, it’s important to understand what the technology is and how it works in the real world.

In this 22-page white paper, you will learn:
  • The different types of 3D scanning.
  • How one firm uses the technology to reverse engineer parts for large-scale manufacturers.
  • How 3D scanning can save time in product design and reverse engineering.

The data supporting these findings is presented in charts and graphics in this 17-page report.

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