White Paper: Industrial IoT: The Two Year Trendline
Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. But at its heart is the idea that as we use more digital technologies, those technologies change the way we live and, more pointedly, the way we conduct commerce. Businesses are introducing new technologies in innovative ways to reduce cost, create new revenue opportunities, improve the customer experience and launch entirely new business models.

But how are companies on the leading edge of adopting trends in digital transformation, specifically, IoT technology, integrating these measures in their business? In this white paper a survey of best practices is broken down so that your team can quickly onboard successful digital transformation technology.

In this white paper you will learn:
  • How quickly companies are adapting to advanced IoT use cases.
  • What barrier is most daunting for strategic use of IoT data.
  • How well enterprise software supports IoT initiatives.

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