White Paper: Using Enterprise Asset Management Software to Survive Economic Disruption
Capital assets like process manufacturing plants, highly automated assembly lines, energy, utility & resource facilities have lifecycles that extend into several decades. Yet the business cycles that determine the cost to build and operate them and the return on that investment work across shorter cycles—years or even months.

Sometimes, as is the case today, these cycles seem to be less predictable than usual. Supply chain volatility, import/export and other regulatory compliance legislation, changing consumer tastes and disruptive change driven by advancing technology can all affect the return on capital assets in ways that could not be predicted when the asset was originally planned.

So how do you stay ahead of this type of production uncertainty? In this white paper you'll learn lessons that can help your firm maintain viability even in the most uncertain times.

In this white paper you will learn:
  • How disruptive changes can affect enterprise assets.
  • What is operational software (OI) and how can it help adjust to change.
  • How EAM software can help an enterprise shift production from one division, location or country to another.

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