Research Report: Is Predictive Maintenance Worthwhile for Legacy Equipment?
Few production environments have the luxury of ordering new equipment to replace existing machines on their shop floor. One of the primary concerns of users of legacy equipment is the challenge in sourcing replacement parts and support. With true predictive maintenance technology, a software system will analyze the condition data of your machines and identify the patterns that signal future failure, giving you a timeframe and a part number to plan for replacement.

Legacy equipment may do the job just as well as it did twenty years ago, but when it breaks down, finding technical support and replacement parts can be a nightmare. Seemingly, predictive maintenance could be an ideal solution to keep your legacy equipment chugging along. This report sets out to answer the question of whether it is worthwhile to implement a predictive maintenance program by instrumenting legacy equipment.

In this report, readers will learn:
  • How the IIoT enables predictive maintenance
  • The benefits of implementing predictive maintenance on legacy equipment
  • The pros and cons of instrumenting legacy equipment vs buying a new machine
  • The options for implementing a predictive maintenance program on legacy equipment

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