Research Report: Integrating Electrical and Mechanical Design. Do Product Teams see Value?
It’s no secret that the value attributable to electronics in product design has been increasing. With that improvement in product capabilities, however, comes a risk that teams who work in silos of mechanical and electrical design can run into costly delays or errors. surveyed 265 design team members to understand how design teams are managing the interaction between mechanical and electrical components and systems, what problems they encountered, and whether more meetings are the answer!

This report will be useful to any design team who is wrestling with the challenges of integrating electrical and mechanical models and processes.

There are many useful findings from this research, including:
  • 83% of designers said they could save meeting and rework time if they had better integration between electrical and mechanical design processes.
  • The “average” design team of 11 members now includes 3 mechanical, 3 electrical, 2 software, 2 systems and one industrial designer.
  • Most product teams hold daily or weekly meetings to manage the electrical and mechanical designs

The data supporting these findings in presented in charts and graphics in this 17 page report.

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