Research Report: Generative Design and Topology Optimization: In-Depth Look at the Two Latest Design Technologies
Generative design and topology optimization are two increasingly popular techniques in the design community. But what are they?

In this special report, we’ll answer this question and many more. We spoke with experts from CAD software companies including Altair, Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Frustum, Siemens, and more to learn what these technologies are and how they’ll affect the world of design.

In this report you’ll learn:
  • The differences between topology optimization and generative design
  • The history of topology optimization
  • The benefits of generative design
  • The limitations of generative design
  • How to get started with generative design/topology optimization
This report includes several case studies with real-world applications of generative design and topology optimization. Finally, the report takes a comprehensive look at all of the commercially available generative design packages, with a detailed overview of the capabilities and shortcomings of each.

This Research Report has been sponsored by Altair. To download, please complete the form on this page.