Research Report: The Core Issues that Frustrate Product Development Teams
What is stopping product teams from developing products that are truly innovative? Or that launch on time? Or meet cost targets? surveyed 234 product development professionals to find out.

We were a bit surprised to find out how many teams reported failing against these goals.

When we analyzed the results, we found a strong correlation between reported success in product development and the types of systems and processes they used.

Here are a few more insights:
  • The biggest frustration that product teams reported was a failure to deliver new products on time
  • Teams who reported failure at delivering products on time were 3.8X more likely to express dissatisfaction with their systems for accessing product information for quick decision making
  • Teams who reported poor performance at product innovation were 6X more likely to say that they were dissatisfied with their ability to collaborate with other members of their product development team

The data supporting these findings is presented in charts and graphics in this 16 page report.

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