Webinar: Six Reasons Your Product Designs Won’t Survive in 2020
Whether product designers want to admit it or not, tectonic shifts in design technology are upon us.

This engineering.com educational webinar will highlight six near-term trends that will change how your team designs products.

Taken together, these changes are bigger than the shift from drafting boards to CAD.

The good news is that, from Augmented Reality for design reviews to prototyping your first smart connected device, the technologies can have a huge impact on your design processes. The even better news is that the path to adopting these new processes no longer requires a multi-year commitment to soul-destroying data conversion projects. New technologies, including generative design, IoT and even digital twins, can and should be adopted in smaller incremental steps.

About the Speaker:

John Hayes is the President of Engineering.com and also serves as its PLM editor and chief data cruncher. He has published and presented extensively on technologies for product design such as PLM and IoT. Every year, John conducts research studies on the state of technology for product realization and presents those findings through research reports and live events.

John earned an MBA degree at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to Engineering.com, John was a management consultant specializing in data analysis and strategy development.

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