White Paper: What Are the Challenges of Servitization for 2018 and Beyond?
The future of service has never looked so promising, but along with the potential waiting to be unlocked, one big question looms: How can businesses continue to evolve their level of servitization to deliver high customer satisfaction, efficient management of front and back-end processes, and revenue growth as their operations grow in complexity?

While this report cannot predict the future, we will take a deep look into research gathered from the service executives in the field service event community who shared their insights through an anonymous survey. These 100 responses make up a cross-section of the industry, representing manufacturers and servicecentric organizations with revenue levels from SMBs with less than $100 million in revenue annually to enterprise, with over $500 million.

In this white paper you will learn about:
  • What you should consider when choosing a field service software
  • What type of service contract you should be negotiating to maximize returns
  • How the processes you implement can have a positive feedback on your IoT infrastructure.

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