White Paper: You’re Not Going to Get There From Here - New Paradigms Define Autonomous Vehicle Development
Forward-looking automakers are recognizing how the convergence of technology, business, and societal trends is transforming the automotive industry, posing an unprecedented level of new opportunities as well as unfamiliar threats. These manufacturers have already begun to refine their structure and processes to embrace the changes, face the threats, and build organizations that can deliver on the ever-changing possibilities for new mobility solutions for customers.

But what exactly are these industry leaders doing to ensure their businesses stay productive, innovative and profitable during this time of major flux?

In this white paper you will learn:
  • How this new era of technological change is making it possible for new automakers to rise.
  • Why suppliers' roles are changing in this new paradigm and why you need to redefine the role they play in your development scheme.
  • The importance of developing software as a strategic advantage over competitors.

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