White Paper: How Analysis Software Can Speed up Product Development
What does it take to create innovative design for the most demanding industries? When it comes to designing the interiors for aircraft, it requires precision, fine engineering and reliable software that can simulate actual real-world performance.

AIM Altitude, a global leader in airline interiors has used Siemens' Femap software to analysis of how its design decisions would function in the real world. But this type of success isn't limited to the niche aircraft interior industry. Companies vying for contract in all field can benefit from improved productivity, and AIMI Altitude's story is just an example of how software can improve design performance.

In this whitepaper you will learn:
  • Why AIM Altitude is a case study for the value precise, analytical design.
  • How software can provide insight into the designs you are building
  • How the right analytical software can lead to improved overall business productivity.

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