White Paper: Preventing IoT Edge Device Vulnerabilities
The rise of edge IoT devices has also seen the rise of malicious attacks aimed at vulnerabilities in IoT hardware. The very firmware and hardware that is enabling widespread connectivity is also being exploited for nefarious ends. In fact, in the recent past, no fewer than six major IoT vulnerabilities were discovered in consumer electronics by white hat hackers looking to publicly expose the vulnerabilities of these products. These cases highlight that the complexity inherent within these electronics prevents a design team’s ability to ensure that a product is 100 percent safe from malicious actors. However, it is necessary that designers do their due diligence to reduce the chance of edge IoT hacking.

So, how does a team go about reducing the risk of their product falling prey to a clever coder? A robust sensor and electronic test plan is one solution, and this white paper intends to teach you how to set up such a regime.

In this white paper you will learn:
  • What type of vulnerabilities are being exploited in edge IoT hardware.
  • How malicious actors are using these vulnerabilities.
  • What type of test plans your team can develop to make your IoT edge devices safer for your customers.

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