eBook: Solutions for Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
Cities are ceaseless engines of engineering activity. It’s likely that while you were on your way to work, you encountered a number of infrastructure development projects under construction. On site are workers, foremen and heavy machines, each of which has their places in the transformation of undeveloped land into centers of commerce and progress. But what you might not have noticed were the support structures that make the difficult and destructive work of improving the urban environment actually happen. Some of those often overlooked support structures are hose protection and the fittings that make hydraulic machinery last under some of the most stressful work conditions.

But where can you find these critical components? Well, all of the information you’ll need regarding hydraulic protection and more are presented here.

In this eBook from Essentra you will find:
  • One of the hose protection solutions on the market
  • Fittings that are suitable for any job
  • An application wizard that can help you determine exactly what products and fittings are right for you task.

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