White Paper: Collaborating in SOLIDWORKS to Design a “Supertruck”
When was the last time you drove down the highway without seeing a commercial truck hauling goods?

The ubiquity of these machines underscores the important roll they play in modern commerce. But, if you you look back into your memory, you can probably recall that the tractor trailers that you saw on the road years back look much the same as the trucks you see on the highway today. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Can’t these machines, essential to modern commerce, be improved? Jeremy Singley, and industrial designer, thought so.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how Singley redesigned the commercial truck with the aim of making it more efficient and cost effective to operate.

In this white paper you will learn:
  • How Jeremy’s ideas could bring about a sea-change in commercial truck design and operation.
  • How SOLIDWORKS’ community helped Jeremy perfect his design.
  • How SOLIDWORKS’ Flow Simulation software made it possible for Jeremy to validate his design using a virtual prototype.

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