White Paper: Virtual Prototyping vs. Traditional Product Development Methods
Making quick and correct decisions about product designs has long been a hallmark of the engineering profession. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to pinpoint a project where you or your team weren’t up against the clock and budget constraints when developing a product. Today, as you’re well aware, those same constraints are still in place, but added pressures like product complexity and the need for connectivity have made product deadlines seem further compressed.

This new reality, where even more product goals are added to your development cycle, is making it necessary to change the way that products are developed. Specifically, old methods like physical prototyping and hand calculations are being outmoded by virtual prototyping.

But what is virtual prototyping, and how can it help your product development team keep to deadlines and create valuable product innovations?

In this eBook you will learn just that, including:
  • How virtual prototyping can transform your product development cycles
  • Why virtual prototyping provides deeper and more beneficial analysis of product prototypes
  • About precise metrics that prove virtual prototyping is superior to physical prototyping and hand calculations

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