eBook: Three Approaches to Integration that Deliver Greater PLM Value
Today’s product development landscape is rapidly becoming more complex. Because of this growing complexity, integrating disparate business systems into a unified Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform is becoming increasingly important if companies want to create valuable and impactful products. While that might be obvious, the question remains: what’s the best method for unifying separate streams of information and data collection into a PLM platform?

In this eBook, PLM firm Razorleaf reviews three successful PLM integration strategies that highlight how a complex PLM integration process can be made straightforward, regardless of the level of integration that your team requires.

In this eBook, you will learn:
  • Why PLM integration will ultimately be profitable for your company.
  • The pros and cons of three types of PLM integration.
  • The timelines and cost of PLM integration and what type of data you should consider merging in your PLM integration strategy.

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