eBook: Everything 3D Printing
The field of 3D printing is an exciting one, but for those new to the topic, it can be difficult to wrap one’s head around. For those who are already familiar with additive manufacturing (AM), it can still be difficult to remain current or maintain perspective.

For these reasons, we created a resource that attempts to provide a global perspective on 3D printing. In this 242-page eBook, you will learn about:
  • 3D printing applications
  • 3D printing materials
  • Metal 3D printing
  • The future of 3D printing
  • 3D printing used for benevolent purposes

About the Author:

Michael Molitch-Hou is the Associate Managing Editor of ENGINEERING.com and subject expert for the site’s 3D printing section. Michael previously served as Editor-in-Chief of 3D Printing Industry and has covered additive manufacturing technology day in and day out since 2012, with hundreds of articles to his credit. He is also the founder of The Reality Institute.

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