Webinar: Weaving Your Organization’s Digital Thread
Organizations would like to be able to create a Digital Thread of assets (parts, CAD models, documents, process plans, service manuals, etc.) to help with fault investigation, change impact analysis, design validation and other use cases. The fragmented architecture of legacy PDM suites makes it impossible to create and maintain a digital thread.

A Product Innovation Platform with integrated applications can create an enterprise wide environment to support collaborative multi-disciplinary development of complex, connected products through the complete lifecycle. A Platform can maintain connections between the resulting digital assets, connect enterprise systems, control access, respect configuration rule, and persist data for the long term.

Join Aras VP of Product Management, John Sperling, to see how the Aras PLM Platform can weave a digital thread through your Business of Engineering. John will illustrate how Aras' digital thread connects Systems Engineering, mechanical, electronic, and software designs, Manufacturing, and Quality

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