White Paper: Are You a Med-Tech Innovator or Laggard?
The medical device industry is constantly evolving, producing products that have new capabilities, address defects or adapt to the market or regulatory demands. I It’s become increasingly necessary to manage these changes across the entire product life cycle in order to increase quality and new product innovation, while adhering to regulations.

To better understand how businesses can achieve success in the medical device space, healthcare and life science-focused analyst and strategic advisory firm Axendia performed a study of Change and Configuration Management (C&CM) trends in Medical Technology (Med-Tech). In conducting the study, Axendia surveyed 85 med-tech industry practitioners worldwide, and reached out to industry thought leaders.

In this 13-page white paper, you will learn about factors that differentiate innovators from laggards in the med-tech space, including:
  • How closed-loop C&CM compares to open loop C&CM processes
  • How information is utilized to inform decision making
  • How C&CM relates to technology, regulatory and organizational issues

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