eBook: Top 5 Assets You Need to Connect to the IIoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown out of a consumer desire to connect all our devices together. In manufacturing, this means connecting machine tools, robots and other industrial equipment throughout a facility to a single digital platform or infrastructure. We call this the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Modern sensor hardware and computing software can allow manufacturers to analyze data from machines to detect approaching mechanical failures. This data can be stored online in digital data banks, like the Cloud.

Captured data can also be used for enhancing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), process optimization and comparative analysis.

The possibilities for the IIoT are nearly limitless, but where can a manufacturer get started?

This eBook covers the five most valuable applications for the IIoT, based on recommendations from IIoT experts.

To learn more about the IIoT and the security concerns behind it, continue reading with us on The IIoT in a Nutshell.

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