White Paper: Driving Speed and Reliability in Automotive Systems Engineering: The Need for a Model-Based Solution
The increasing intelligence and autonomy of vehicles leads to increasing complexity in ensuring the safety and security of all the connected systems and components in an automobile. A single issue in the code of one system can cause errors that may lead to high-risk events.

To avoid these errors, it has become essential for automotive systems engineers to rely on advanced, automated tools for generating and verifying software code. However, many of these tools come from a variety of sources. Instead of using multiple tools, it may be possible to obtain a single custom, streamlined solution that can accomplish this task.

This 6-page whitepaper will address how new design tools can:
  • Act as a model-based, automated solution for architecture design and verification
  • Simplify the system engineering process without sacrificing the accuracy or robustness of verification activities
  • Support automotive industry standards

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